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Category Archives: GIN-A-BON

(Old) Whiskey River (take my mind)

Like I said over there, my buddy Mark breezed into town with his dame on one hand and a bottle of bourbon for me in the other. This bottle had a guitar pick wire-wrapped to the slim neck of the bottle and a name on it – Willie Nelson – that echoed the name of […]

Haus Alpenz Presents

While picking up a bottle of Creme de Violette for the esteemed Iconoplast (of HAVE A BREW. DON’T COST NOTHIN fame), my eye was caught by a number of liqueurs on the same shelf.  As it turns out, Haus Alpenz imports a variety of interesting spirits.  Trying not to get carried away, I picked up […]

quick shots

Last night I went out to Ten 01, where Kim joined me, and we enjoyed a beautiful plate of charcuterie with a couple cocktails. As I talked with Kelley, we discussed a bottle of Bitter Truth Celery Bitters that he just obtained from LeNell’s. He offered me a dash of it on my palm, and […]

Qi on the North Shore

Misuba, a stalwart of the Bibation Analysis Laboratory here at the Prince of Cups and a good friend, was recently in California. He made a point to stop at Ledger’s Liquors1 during that trip, and procure a couple bottles. He brought back bottles of North Shore Distiller’s Gin no.6 and St.George Spirits Qi White, neither […]

BourBonCon 2008

This this is real and is happening. And it’s happening at my house. Updates have been sparse, but there’s been far more action behind the scenes. Namely, our very first BourBonCon held in the City of Chicago, County of Cook, State of Illinois in the foul year of Our Patron Saint 2008. This very weekend, […]

Mixology Monday – August 2008 “Local Color”

This month’s Mixology Monday (which happens to be the 30TH!) is hosted by Kevin of Save the Drinkers. The theme Kevin has called out this month is local flavor. As it turns out, this weekend I toured one of Portland’s several distilleries and then brought a favorite summer drink based on local produce to a […]

the open house at House Spirits

House Spirits is a distillery in the inner SE industrial district of Portland that produces a vodka, a gin, and whatever else captures the fancy of the distillers. They share space and equipment with Ransom Sprits, producer of grappa and port, and Sub Rosa Spirits, producer of infused vodka. Our tasting party began with brunch, […]

Mixology Monday! our favorite liquor!

A little over a year ago, NABC fellow Roninspoon and I found occassion to meet for a drink. Circumstances dictated a cigar bar, just off the piazza in Italy, or Las Vegas’ simulacrum of the same1. It was near closing time, the AOR band was seemingly enjoying themselves, and the bartender came out to take […]

my first drink, twice

The Ramos Gin Fizz was my first drink, twice. One of my earliest memories of going out to a dinner with my parents is from when I was seven or eight years old. It may have been the first meal in multiple-courses I ever had. This was no special occasion, just that for some reason, […]

First Taste: Tanqueray Rangpur Gin

Gin seems to have taken a back seat to vodka in recent times. One needs only visit their local package store to see this. The vodka section takes up the whole aisle: vodkas infused with every conceivable berry, fruit, or spice; unheard-of brands in bizarrely shaped bottles, trying in vain to jump on the “premium” […]