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quick shots

Last night I went out to Ten 01, where Kim joined me, and we enjoyed a beautiful plate of charcuterie with a couple cocktails.

As I talked with Kelley, we discussed a bottle of Bitter Truth Celery Bitters that he just obtained from LeNell’s. He offered me a dash of it on my palm, and recommended rubbing my hands together to inhale the aroma. It is a very compelling balance of celery seed supported by corriander, with a little lime peel underneath. I have got to get a bottle of this—it is beautiful1.

Kelley also offered me a taste of the Bols Genever. This is a genever that is being re-introduced to the American market this fall2. The aroma is primarily malty, and has hints of juniper and cardamom. It has a rich mouthfeel, almost oily vicosity, and a mellow malty flavor. This article from Mixology Magazin für Barkultur talks about the history of this new old product. I can’t wait to get my hands on a bottle of this!

1. Kelley has a drink on the upcoming cocktail menu that pairs the celery bitters with an unexpected ingredient. I would not have guessed that it would work. But he mixed one for me, and it inspires me to get more familiar with that ingredient.
2. Some of the other cocktail bloggers around were able to attend a launch event in San Francisco (Drink a Week, Bibulous. Allow me to register my jealousy, even though my month has been tightly booked.