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Now, finally, you too can get Steve McKenna’d.

Second Class on the Overnight to Drunkistan, or The Boozy Foreigners – Part 2

Being the second tale in the adventures of three travelers learning the international language of liquor Ireland is, first, a blur of ancient stone walls flashing out of the night as we blast down back country lanes, fifty kilometers per hour on the black left side of the road. Sarah has only been driving for […]


We love Gatorade. I mean we really like the stuff – it’s great on its own, wonderful to mix with vodka for that fast energizing drunk and it’s wonderful for treating a hangover the next day. In fact, the only thing we don’t love about it is the price. Seriously, for some sugar, color, flavor […]

The Crawl: St. Pauli, 7/28

WEEKNIGHT: Tuesday HOOD: St. Pauli, Hamburg BARS HIT: Lehmitz, Der Clochard, Night Light ODDITIES: Overzealous Irishmen waving double-ended dildoes LEVEL OF INEBRIATION: Jolly to blackout             Hamburg, second largest city in Germany, is a dirty old town. Mostly a dock city, it is a place full of beautiful architecture and attractive prostitutes. And there is […]

The Crawl: Williamsburg, 7/16/09

WEEKNIGHT: Thursday HOOD: Williamsburg, Brooklyn BARS HIT: Spuyten Duyvil, Duff’s Brooklyn, Royal Oak ODDITIES: Bourbon Stout, Jesus Juice LEVEL OF INEBRIATION: Stupid Drunk   Some nights, stupidity is the only draught that you can stomach. Last Thursday, I decided that I not only had to go out drinking, but I had to do so in […]

BourBonCon 2008 wrap-up

In short: A grand time was had by all. No one got arrested, the house is still standing and all cars still had all their windows intact the next day. We chose four bourbons to whet our whistles for the evening: Wild Turkey 101, Knob Creek, Elijah Craig & Evan Williams Single Barrel. These are […]

BourBonCon 2008

This this is real and is happening. And it’s happening at my house. Updates have been sparse, but there’s been far more action behind the scenes. Namely, our very first BourBonCon held in the City of Chicago, County of Cook, State of Illinois in the foul year of Our Patron Saint 2008. This very weekend, […]

The Buy-Back: Getting comfortable in NYC

“Next round’s on me.” That’s when you know you’ve got the bartender in your pocket. It’s New York City and you know your bars. You will juice your local dive for whatever amenities you can find: free jukebox, cheap pool table, even free food. You will not pay more than five dollars per pint. Five […]

Brooklyn Brewery, grow a pair

One of the best things about living in New York City is that every last deli, grocery store, and bodega in the city will, in addition to the usual assortment of watery domestic piss that goes under the name of “beer” in less enlightened parts of the country, have several varieties of beer from the […]

Forget about that other writing contest

This is the one that is going to put you on the map. The one that will bring out the real Great American Novel. The one that will separate those of us what can hold our liquor and type in the footsteps of our patron saint, the late Hunter S. Thompson – with a red […]