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Now, finally, you too can get Steve McKenna’d.

Campaign for Real Beer Writing

CAMRA we ain’t – no matter how soundly we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our fellow blokes over the pond – we do enjoy cheap shitty too-cold fizzy lager from time to time. We do very much support them in their mission for the proliferation of proper beer, drinker’s rights & pubs. To that end but somewhat […]

(Old) Whiskey River (take my mind)

Like I said over there, my buddy Mark breezed into town with his dame on one hand and a bottle of bourbon for me in the other. This bottle had a guitar pick wire-wrapped to the slim neck of the bottle and a name on it – Willie Nelson – that echoed the name of […]

The HST – a cocktail named in honor of our patron saint

Ingredients: 1 pint Guinness stout 1 shot glass, filled with loosely packed psychotropic mushroom dust Drop the shot of psychedelics into the pint of Guinness and consume the entire contents immediately. Go to Logan airport and board the shuttle to New York after upgrading yourself to first class. Enjoy your flight.

RIP Michael Jackson

…the beer guy, not the pederast, has gone to that great lauter-tun in the sky. He passed away in his London home last night, 2007-August-29. Aside from his voluminous works on beer, in fact he could single-handedly be responsible for getting beer into the mainstream press, he traveled extensively and suffered from Parkinson’s for the […]