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Second Class on the Overnight to Drunkistan, or The Boozy Foreigners – Part 2

Being the second tale in the adventures of three travelers learning the international language of liquor Ireland is, first, a blur of ancient stone walls flashing out of the night as we blast down back country lanes, fifty kilometers per hour on the black left side of the road. Sarah has only been driving for […]


We love Gatorade. I mean we really like the stuff – it’s great on its own, wonderful to mix with vodka for that fast energizing drunk and it’s wonderful for treating a hangover the next day. In fact, the only thing we don’t love about it is the price. Seriously, for some sugar, color, flavor […]


This month, Chuck over at Looka!/The Gumbo Pages is hosting Mixology Monday. And he’s chosen a topic nearly as dear to my heart as gin: amaro. I do love the Italian bitter liqueurs. I took to Campari immediately upon my first taste, and ordered it over ice every afternoon during a week in the Cinque […]

Sweet Christmas!

Last night I finally mixed a Black Manhattan. This is a whiskey and amaro drink that was developed at Bourbon and Branch in San Francisco. I’d seen the recipe (published in the Washington Post in July 2008), but was a little worried that it would taste too hot, as the Averna has about twice as […]

beer in cocktails?

Paul Clarke (who blogs at The Cocktail Chronicles) wrote a Friday drinks article in the San Francisco Chronicle on the inclusion of beer in cocktails. This is on the use of beer as a cocktail component in its own right, not a reduction1 or a chaser. The most telling passage is this paraphrased statement from […]

a quantity of the Coffee Cocktail

I was introduced to the Coffee Cocktail at an Oregon Bartenders’ Guild event last April. David Wonderich, the author of a biography-cum-cocktail book on the pioneering 18th Century bartender Jerry Thomas, presented stories from that book with drinks. One of these was a brandy, port, and egg cocktail that I found delicious. Called the Coffee […]

on eggnog

During my lunch break Wednesday (New Year’s Eve) I went to the package store for a bottle of Stranahan’s Colorado Whisky, intending to take it to a gathering on New Year’s Day. On my way back to the office I ran into a former co-worker and we chatted about our evening plans. I mentioned that […]

on Campari

A friend of mine, an accomplished amateur cook who is extending into cocktails, was recently introduced to Campari, and was so impressed he bought a bottle. It was at the Portland restaurant the Screen Door (which serves a huge and delicious plate of fried chicken and sweet potato waffles), that Eric had a long drink […]

a quick spicy post (Mixology Monday)

Craig, over at Tiki Drinks and Indigo Firmaments is hosting this month’s Mixology Monday. And he has declared the theme for December to be SPICE. This past weekend I attended the annual holiday open house at House Spirits. There, I was finally able to obtain (finally the label was approved and finally they found time […]

Haus Alpenz Presents

While picking up a bottle of Creme de Violette for the esteemed Iconoplast (of HAVE A BREW. DON’T COST NOTHIN fame), my eye was caught by a number of liqueurs on the same shelf.  As it turns out, Haus Alpenz imports a variety of interesting spirits.  Trying not to get carried away, I picked up […]