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a quick spicy post (Mixology Monday)

Craig, over at Tiki Drinks and Indigo Firmaments is hosting this month’s Mixology Monday. And he has declared the theme for December to be SPICE. Mixology Monday

This past weekend I attended the annual holiday open house at House Spirits. There, I was finally able to obtain (finally the label was approved and finally they found time in their production schedule) a bottle (alright, several bottles) of Matt Mount’s ouzo, made under the House Spirits Apothecary line.

Using this lovely Oregon Ouzo, I made this variant on the Alexander.

in a shaker, pour over cracked ice
1oz half-and-half,
1oz House Spirits’ Oregon Ouzo,
1oz (Mt.Gay Eclipse) amber rum, and
a dash simple syrup.
Shake, and strain into a cocktail glass.
Finish with a grate of nutmeg.

This is a pleasant, smooth, creamy, semi-dry, slightly anise-flavored drink. If you can obtain a suitably dry and pure tasting ouzo (such as the Oregon Ouzo), I heartily recommend this lightly spiced drink.