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BourBonCon 2008 wrap-up

In short: A grand time was had by all. No one got arrested, the house is still standing and all cars still had all their windows intact the next day. We chose four bourbons to whet our whistles for the evening: Wild Turkey 101, Knob Creek, Elijah Craig & Evan Williams Single Barrel. These are […]

Qi on the North Shore

Misuba, a stalwart of the Bibation Analysis Laboratory here at the Prince of Cups and a good friend, was recently in California. He made a point to stop at Ledger’s Liquors1 during that trip, and procure a couple bottles. He brought back bottles of North Shore Distiller’s Gin no.6 and St.George Spirits Qi White, neither […]

BourBonCon 2008

This this is real and is happening. And it’s happening at my house. Updates have been sparse, but there’s been far more action behind the scenes. Namely, our very first BourBonCon held in the City of Chicago, County of Cook, State of Illinois in the foul year of Our Patron Saint 2008. This very weekend, […]

Mixology Monday – August 2008 “Local Color”

This month’s Mixology Monday (which happens to be the 30TH!) is hosted by Kevin of Save the Drinkers. The theme Kevin has called out this month is local flavor. As it turns out, this weekend I toured one of Portland’s several distilleries and then brought a favorite summer drink based on local produce to a […]

Mixology Monday – June 2008

Tonight’s Mixology Monday post will be fairly brief1. This month, Mixology Monday is brought to us by the ne’er do wells at Scofflaw’s Den who have chosen BOURBON as the required ingredient. Bourbon is a great favorite here at the North American Booze Council2, and I hope that some of our other members will testify […]

in the old style

The second half of the Oregon Bartenders Guild seminar was led by Matt Mount, the distiller at House Spirits. He led the discussion on what is perhaps the first cocktail, what we now call the Old Fashioned.

I done been schooled

Last Sunday I attended a seminar on cocktails presented by the Oregon Bartenders Guild. This is a group led by some of the most interesting and serious bartenders in Portland (and Eugene). The program was hosted at the Carlyle, a wonderful bistro pretty much under the westside 405. I had a gorgeous walk over to […]

the vicar or whatever – a response

The preceding is a pretty piece of writing, but I expected better from an accomplished mixologist like Ouroboros. Maybe a little of the real history to go with it? And I’ll be blunt: that recipe needs work. Look, I’ve been to Scotland, I’ve drunk the Vicar or whatever in its birthplace.

the vicar or whatever

Five years ago I concocted a mixed drink to bring to a fantastic weekend party in Portland. On the fifth afternoon of the weekend, after the house had been cleared of nearly all the liquor, a local drove me to a liquor store. That liquor store (shuttered in the time since) did not stock maraschino, […]

Mixology Monday 24 – Variations

For this month’s Mixology Monday, Jimmy Patrick at Jimmy’s Cocktail Hour proposed a theme of variations. The Maiden’s Prayer is one of those odd formulations of four ingredients in equal proportions: gin, light rum, Cointreau, lemon juice. It is a drink that has been handed down to us from the early part of the 20th […]