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Category Archives: clear liquor

On Mojitos, and the Men That Make Them

The Mojito. First, let’s get this as clear as a cocktail: if you are of the opinion that Mojitos are meant to cost $14 and come with a black straw, you are a victim of small thinking. If you believe rum drinks are for girls in Ugg boots, I’d like to remind you that pirates […]

For the sports-themed drinker on the go with more money than sense

It’s like an energy gel, but for drunks – the Pocket Shot. Not only is it not price effective – only 10 Bodines – but it’s disposable. No word yet on if the bags are recyclable. I can’t see any particular use where this would be better/nicer than a flask. In fact, if you poured […]

Shaken, not shtirred

It turns out that a martini shaken – not stirred – helps deactivate hydrogen peroxide (an antioxidant) better than gin or vermouth alone and twice as effective than when stirred. This is important because 007 is a tough old bastard, and part of his health may be due to competent bartending. Never you mind that […]