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For the sports-themed drinker on the go with more money than sense

It’s like an energy gel, but for drunks – the Pocket Shot. Not only is it not price effective – only 10 Bodines – but it’s disposable. No word yet on if the bags are recyclable.

I can’t see any particular use where this would be better/nicer than a flask. In fact, if you poured bottom shelf plastic jug tequila in a sammich bag, you’d get about the same effect. Now pound that back at a $60-per-ticket-plus-$20-in-ticketbastard-fees Hot-Topic-teen-“punk-means-wristbands-and-eyeliner” concert until Mommy can come pick you up in her BMW X5 and you’re dead in their marketing sights.

In the Booze Council’s opinion, this thing sucks. Pounding back a pocket shot means you’re an underage, sleazy alcoholic with too much money. Taking a nip off your flask is classy, tasteful and refined. Not to mention it’s cheaper, allows you to put in whatever top shelf whiskey you please, more environmentally friendly but has a certain je ne sais quoi that exudes charm and dignity.

The pocket shot – yet another flashing banner ad in the myspazz world of drinking trends, a world that should be overstuffed recliners in an oak-paneled library with a greyhound peacefully snoozing next to a roaring fireplace. Buck these awful new trends. Raise your flasks, America, and ignore these terrible new ideas.