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a return to the Mojito, and a departure

The upswing of interest in the Mojito in the opening years of the Twenty-First Century may well be an effect of the popularity of Nick Gold’s rediscovery and promotion of the Buena Vista Social Club and the estranged musical time capsule it represents. Then again, it could be that the Mojito is just such a […]

keep your 40 – I’ll have an Earl Grey tea

Although it is known that the second Earl Grey, who served as Prime Minister from 1830-1834, gave permission for the production and sale to the Twinings tea company of the blend of black teas flavored with bergemot oil that bears his title, the actual inspiration for this blend seems to be lost to history. The […]

On Mojitos, and the Men That Make Them

The Mojito. First, let’s get this as clear as a cocktail: if you are of the opinion that Mojitos are meant to cost $14 and come with a black straw, you are a victim of small thinking. If you believe rum drinks are for girls in Ugg boots, I’d like to remind you that pirates […]

For the bartender on the go

For the habitual drunk, little is needed to quench the thirst. A bottle of charcoal filtered vodka from the grocery store, an old 6 pack of Miller found in the garage, an unattended bottle of vanilla extract in the kitchen, any of these things will help you tie your buzz on when you absolutely can’t […]