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For the bartender on the go

For the habitual drunk, little is needed to quench the thirst. A bottle of charcoal filtered vodka from the grocery store, an old 6 pack of Miller found in the garage, an unattended bottle of vanilla extract in the kitchen, any of these things will help you tie your buzz on when you absolutely can’t drink something tasty.

On occasion though, the connoisseur demands something more flavorful, more sophisticated, something that may have actually been designed for consumption as a cocktail. That’s why we all carry around the memory of at least one cocktail, for those rare moments when we go to a bar looking for something more than to kill the pain. Maybe you’re with a lady (or dude, whatever), or maybe you’re just looking to fool yourself into believing that you don’t need a drink, you just want to wet your whistle.

Some of you like the Cosmopolitan, and know that it’s Vodka, Triple Sec, Lime juice and Cranberry Juice. Some of you like the Margareta and know that it’s Tequila, Triple Sec and Lime juice. Some of you are real men like me, and know that the only think you should mix in your bourbon cocktail is ice, and then only if it’s hot outside. What about those of us who have short terms memories though? What about those of us who can’t remember things like our phone number or wife’s name when we’re drunk? How are we supposed to know what kind of cocktails to suggest to the marginally attractive woman sitting by herself?

Thank god for the internet. It is littered with cocktail recipes. Some of them you likely remember, even if only vaguely. Others, I’m sure you’ve never heard of. Use the following online resources to determine which cocktail will best suit your drinking needs.