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LIGHTBAR cancelled, another six weeks of seasonal affective disorder forecast

For the past two Februaries, a glowing white pyramid has materialized in Portland to deliver light-based therapy and party atmosphere to the seasonally affected masses in an attempt to bleach the inky gothic from our souls.

glowing pyramid

LIGHTBAR was a candle against the accursed darkness. The 10000W hand-blown tungsten bulb that hung from its highest point was a shard of the sun fallen to earth, a reminder that spring would return.

This year, however, events have conspired to cancel LIGHTBAR. We are left with our hazy memories of the scent of cardboard and cinnamon. And recollection of the inspired White Feast.

Mykle, all of us here at the Prince of Cups and North American Booze Council hope that 2009 will see a return of the UFO-beacon known as LIGHTBAR.

Master Spin & Doctor Mix

Thanks to misuba for the photos. I owe you a drink.