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Category Archives: reminiscence

Second Class on the Overnight to Drunkistan, or The Boozy Foreigners – Part 2

Being the second tale in the adventures of three travelers learning the international language of liquor Ireland is, first, a blur of ancient stone walls flashing out of the night as we blast down back country lanes, fifty kilometers per hour on the black left side of the road. Sarah has only been driving for […]

quiet lately

I’ve been a little too busy lately with other projects to post. I have a wrap-up of this year’s Great American Distillers Festival to post, and a couple of drink recipes. But in the meantime, I figured instead of a verbose excuse for not posting, I’d show you all what I’ve been drinking lately (yes, […]

“Old” Schlitz

My Dad and I were waxing poetic over a few beers one evening when he told me that Schlitz used to be a great beer and he drank it all the time. Sometime in the 1970s, the formula was changed and afterwards it wasn’t worth drinking ever again. Of course, I tried it myself and […]

the vicar or whatever – a response

The preceding is a pretty piece of writing, but I expected better from an accomplished mixologist like Ouroboros. Maybe a little of the real history to go with it? And I’ll be blunt: that recipe needs work. Look, I’ve been to Scotland, I’ve drunk the Vicar or whatever in its birthplace.

LIGHTBAR cancelled, another six weeks of seasonal affective disorder forecast

For the past two Februaries, a glowing white pyramid has materialized in Portland to deliver light-based therapy and party atmosphere to the seasonally affected masses in an attempt to bleach the inky gothic from our souls. LIGHTBAR was a candle against the accursed darkness. The 10000W hand-blown tungsten bulb that hung from its highest point […]

A Winding, Mostly Pointless Story About Booze

Some time ago, between the time when Jurassic Park left theatres and Dummy hit the airwaves, we acquired a case of Bud Light through the aide of some false identification and some liquor store clerks who could be described as “less than vigilant.” Sitting on a tree stump by the froggie pond knocking back twenty […]

my first drink, twice

The Ramos Gin Fizz was my first drink, twice. One of my earliest memories of going out to a dinner with my parents is from when I was seven or eight years old. It may have been the first meal in multiple-courses I ever had. This was no special occasion, just that for some reason, […]