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Category Archives: holy crap i’m hungover


We love Gatorade. I mean we really like the stuff – it’s great on its own, wonderful to mix with vodka for that fast energizing drunk and it’s wonderful for treating a hangover the next day. In fact, the only thing we don’t love about it is the price. Seriously, for some sugar, color, flavor […]

The Crawl: Williamsburg, 7/16/09

WEEKNIGHT: Thursday HOOD: Williamsburg, Brooklyn BARS HIT: Spuyten Duyvil, Duff’s Brooklyn, Royal Oak ODDITIES: Bourbon Stout, Jesus Juice LEVEL OF INEBRIATION: Stupid Drunk   Some nights, stupidity is the only draught that you can stomach. Last Thursday, I decided that I not only had to go out drinking, but I had to do so in […]

quiet lately

I’ve been a little too busy lately with other projects to post. I have a wrap-up of this year’s Great American Distillers Festival to post, and a couple of drink recipes. But in the meantime, I figured instead of a verbose excuse for not posting, I’d show you all what I’ve been drinking lately (yes, […]