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(Old) Whiskey River (take my mind)

Like I said over there, my buddy Mark breezed into town with his dame on one hand and a bottle of bourbon for me in the other. This bottle had a guitar pick wire-wrapped to the slim neck of the bottle and a name on it – Willie Nelson – that echoed the name of the bourbon – Old Whiskey River. Just like Willie, it is smooth, bold and sweet. I had a glass of it right after one of my beloved Wild Turkey 101. It was milder, smoother, easier – but still flavorful. A nice contrast between the bold, rich, borderline harsh and the more tame of the latter.

This is not just a badge-engineered bourbon, however, oh no. Willie’s hand is at work in that the grains what go into this tasty bottle – corn, barley, and rye – are grown grown on independent family owned and operated farms located within 100 miles of the distillery. At a mild 86 proof it doesn’t pack a wallop that will put you out cold but the rich flavor and excellent mouth feel more than make up for it.

Like most of my go-to bourbons, this one clocks in at about $20/fifth. That makes this not only good value, but a fine salute to American farmers and a liquor with a lower carbon footprint. Dare I say this could be the most ecologically-sound liquor I’ve yet tried?

Willie, keep up the good work. This is a fine whiskey to put your name on, and we salute you for it.

Willie Nelson