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Sweet Christmas!

Last night I finally mixed a Black Manhattan. This is a whiskey and amaro drink that was developed at Bourbon and Branch in San Francisco. I’d seen the recipe (published in the Washington Post in July 2008), but was a little worried that it would taste too hot, as the Averna has about twice as […]


It’s snowing in my fair city, hard. Don’t think about using a shovel when it looks like this, use a glass instead. Watch out where the greyhounds go, don’t you eat that yellow snow. Pack the glass full. Insert liquor “A” into glass “B”. That’ll keep you occupied while the snow flies. We here at […]

(Old) Whiskey River (take my mind)

Like I said over there, my buddy Mark breezed into town with his dame on one hand and a bottle of bourbon for me in the other. This bottle had a guitar pick wire-wrapped to the slim neck of the bottle and a name on it – Willie Nelson – that echoed the name of […]

BourBonCon 2008 wrap-up

In short: A grand time was had by all. No one got arrested, the house is still standing and all cars still had all their windows intact the next day. We chose four bourbons to whet our whistles for the evening: Wild Turkey 101, Knob Creek, Elijah Craig & Evan Williams Single Barrel. These are […]

BourBonCon 2008

This this is real and is happening. And it’s happening at my house. Updates have been sparse, but there’s been far more action behind the scenes. Namely, our very first BourBonCon held in the City of Chicago, County of Cook, State of Illinois in the foul year of Our Patron Saint 2008. This very weekend, […]

how to ruin a bottle of framboise

A couple-three weeks ago, a Blair and I were at Teardrop Lounge here in Portland. Somehow he ended up with a whiskey sour that included a reduction of framboise or kriek. I’m not sure who the progenitor was: whether Blair called it out by ingredient or if David was inspired and put the combination together. […]

The Buy-Back: Getting comfortable in NYC

“Next round’s on me.” That’s when you know you’ve got the bartender in your pocket. It’s New York City and you know your bars. You will juice your local dive for whatever amenities you can find: free jukebox, cheap pool table, even free food. You will not pay more than five dollars per pint. Five […]

Forget about that other writing contest

This is the one that is going to put you on the map. The one that will bring out the real Great American Novel. The one that will separate those of us what can hold our liquor and type in the footsteps of our patron saint, the late Hunter S. Thompson – with a red […]

Chicago Ted’s Patented Egg Nog Recipe

Ingredients: 4 egg yolks 1/3rd c sugar 2 c whole milk 1 c heavy cream 4 oz. bourbon 1 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg Directions: Pour bourbon over 4 ice cubes in an old fashioned glass. Throw everything else away. Repeat.

Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer, an review

Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer 6.6% ABV, 11.2UK fl oz. (326.72 ml), $4.99/bottle Bodine Value: 4.32 Total consumption time: approx. 1/2 hour So-called “specialty” beers are a bit of a gamble. Does microbrew status, foreign provenance and gimmicky aging style equate to a delicious, worthwhile experience? Are they worth the money? Today at my […]