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Mixology Monday

Mixology Monday

This month, Chuck over at Looka!/The Gumbo Pages is hosting Mixology Monday. And he’s chosen a topic nearly as dear to my heart as gin: amaro.

I do love the Italian bitter liqueurs. I took to Campari immediately upon my first taste, and ordered it over ice every afternoon during a week in the Cinque Terre. Upon my return to Oakland, I started mixing Negroni and Jasmines.

This is a lovely cocktail from Kelley Swenson, head bartender at Ten 01 (in Portland, Oregon). It’s been on and off the drink card at Ten 01 over the past year, depending on the season, and remains a favorite of mine. Two different amaros seems surprising, but the result displays Kelley’s deft hand with bitters.

Cryptic Memo
1½ oz rye
1oz Ramazzotti amaro
¾oz Campari
Garnish with a strip of lemon peel.