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Plum Infusion – Early Returns

A little less than a week ago, I set about to infusing vodka with plums, mostly because I had a bunch of plums and no real interest in eating them. Therefore I took…

  • 750 mL of Ketel One vodka
  • three black plums, sliced

…threw them together in a jar, stuck it in the fridge, and peered in at it from time to time, shaking it occasionally. Overnight, it had acquired a pinkish hue (or, I guess, a light plum hue), which has darkened considerably (see below). I took a small taste today, and was surprised by not just by how much flavor it had, but how unidentifiable the taste was. I don’t think anyone will recognize it as plum. But it’s good.

A Plum Infusion

So, a few questions for you infusers. How long should this sit? At what point should I remove the fruit? Is there a point of diminishing returns with regards to flavor?