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analyzer? I ‘ardly . . .

Just Ten Bottles

Over at Kaiser Penguin, Rick proposes the question What if you could only have 10 bottles of alcohol for the rest of your life? Obviously the bottles would be replenishable, but you could never have any other spirits or even brands of a particular spirit. What would you choose? Before anyone states that this is […]

Divers Spirits

The intelligent man is always thirsty. He stretches his gaze ever outward; he is never satisfied with his body of experience, but instead pushes his horizons as far as resources will allow. He raises himself above his peers, always; first he conquers the fruits of his native land, and then he moves on—the heathen Chinee, […]

The Bodine Value and You

Imagine a familiar scenario. It is 3:30 on a Saturday morning and you don’t really know where you are. The last clear memory you have is thinking that the hot blonde you’d been flirting with was really into your shit before suddenly realizing you’d actually been talking to a potted house plant for 40 minutes. […]