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30 years in the wood

…and still wet behind the ears. I celebrated my 30th successful orbit about the sun by finishing all the open bourbon in the house. The Doctor and I also had a joint birthday party (observed) on the deck and y’all left a shitload of cheap beer at my house. The Cheap Beer Challenge 2009 was […]


Still here, just been busy. What with? England – big notes on CAMRA coming up Boozecouncil Senate Meeting, including the Cheap Beer Challenge 2009 Work Drinking Canada has a thing called “Spruce Beer” but they hid it in Québec Drinking This: HAPPY THANKSGIVING, ENGLAND!

general aviation

Along with a gallon of eggnog for New Year’s Eve, I prepared a couple bottles of pre-mixed cocktails and a half-gallon of an old Colonial drink called the Coffee Cocktail. Pre-mixing cocktails is a party trick that I’ve been using this year for house parties. It requires much less attention from the social bartender during […]

The Imbiber’s 100 (Ouroboros)

Over at Art of Drink, Darcy has put together a list of One Hundred Drinks Any Serious Imbiber Ought Try (At Least) Once [100DASIOTO]. It’s a little scattered, but a good list of beverages that represent a reasonable basis for commonality. Those that I’ve tried are in bold, below (80 of 100). Maybe I should […]

A Vodka Meditation

I wrote this on a message board. People were discussing whether or not it was worth drinking vodka: See, the inherent Vodka Dilemma (I think they call it a Vodkalemma in certain trendy clubs in the meatpacking district) is thus: A Good vodka, it is agreed, is one that is not flavored. Flavored vodkas, and […]

Hello world!

Now get me a beer.