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Category Archives: bitters

Haus Alpenz Presents

While picking up a bottle of Creme de Violette for the esteemed Iconoplast (of HAVE A BREW. DON’T COST NOTHIN fame), my eye was caught by a number of liqueurs on the same shelf.  As it turns out, Haus Alpenz imports a variety of interesting spirits.  Trying not to get carried away, I picked up […]

quick shots

Last night I went out to Ten 01, where Kim joined me, and we enjoyed a beautiful plate of charcuterie with a couple cocktails. As I talked with Kelley, we discussed a bottle of Bitter Truth Celery Bitters that he just obtained from LeNell’s. He offered me a dash of it on my palm, and […]

Qi on the North Shore

Misuba, a stalwart of the Bibation Analysis Laboratory here at the Prince of Cups and a good friend, was recently in California. He made a point to stop at Ledger’s Liquors1 during that trip, and procure a couple bottles. He brought back bottles of North Shore Distiller’s Gin no.6 and St.George Spirits Qi White, neither […]

Lavender Bitters

We revisited the lavender bitters last night. This is a concoction that has sat patiently awaiting use since we posted about it on Mixology Monday in November 2006. I don’t think it’s aged too badly. It remains floral, although not as bright an aroma as 16 months ago, but it is still bitter and tasty. […]